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Nowadays, a hot topic is how to increase the speed of your WordPress. Luckily, there are several techniques that you can apply to get the job done. So, check out this article to know the factors that can help you in loading your WordPress websites faster and this is fortunately not a pain-stricken process.

You do not need to write any code. Neither, you need to be a performance optimization expert or tweak your server configuration. Moreover, you also don’t require to buy any plugins. Simply follow along with this article step-by-step and within a few minutes, you can have a fast loading and an optimized website.

If you have any problem while performing any of the steps stated hereunder, you can contact your executives for further help. Our professionals are always there to help you out with any sort of WordPress website optimization services.

Simple Ways to Optimize the Speed and Performance of the WordPress Website:

No doubt that WordPress is a great platform to generate revenue and it is only possible because of the speed optimized websites. But the main disadvantage is that often it can be quite slow and compel the users to shift to another website. But if you do not take any precautions for this, you will frequently get this problem.

Here, we have mentioned some quick tricks to speed up the WordPress site consistently.

1. Choose a Good Host

The first step that you need to do is to choose a good host for your WordPress. This is the major factor and it influences the speed of the website that is hosting the WordPress website. A better hosting provider offers “unlimited” bandwidth, domains and many other things.

2. Keep your Web Technology Updated

To increase the speed of your WordPress, you need to keep your core technology up to date. Web technologies such as HTML, PHP come up with a new version. They include new features, new improvements and also improve the speed. Due to this, it is important to stay up to date with your web technology. If you are not able to update the web technology, then you can contact us for better services.

3. Use the Newest Versions of WordPress and Its Components

It is also important to use the latest version of WordPress and its components to increase the speed of your WordPress. Each version of WordPress has some unique features which offer bug fixes and many more advanced features too. If you use the updated version of WordPress, it will not only increase the speed of WordPress but also you can secure your WordPress site. 

4. Use a Proper Theme

Themes might be a decisive factor when you are talking about the speed of the website. That is why you should choose the theme for WordPress properly. There are many factors that might slow down your WordPress. All the factors are related to the codes. Sometimes, this code executes WordPress, even if you are not using it.

5. Perform Regular Database Maintenance

Another important thing that you need to do in order to speed up WordPress is to update the database regularly. There are many tools present in order to keep WordPress updated and maintain your database properly.

6. Set-Up Monitoring

If you do not take corrective action when there is a problem in your WordPress, it might slow down your WordPress. Hence, you should monitor your WordPress website on a regular basis. There are many tools present that monitor your website automatically, you can use this tool on your website to overcome this situation.

7. Decrease the Server Requests

Whenever the browser asks some type of resources, a server request happens from your server. It might be an image or a style sheet.

When your website gets more server requests, it will take time to load the site and slow down your WordPress. Therefore, to get rid of this situation, you need to decrease the number of server requests from your website. You can do the following things in order to decrease the server requests.

  • You need to decrease the number of posts shown on a page.
  • Divided longer posts into pages.
  • Remove the plugins which are responsible for slowing down your WordPress.
  • Lower the number of images and other elements from your page.

With these, you can easily slow down the server request and speed up your WordPress.

8. Avoid Hosting Videos on your Own Site

Sometimes, videos might be the main culprit behind the slowing down of your WordPress website. Hence, it is advisable to delete the videos from your website to make it faster than ever before.

9. Turn Off Hotlinking

Hotlinking is a feature that describes how to use an image in your content that is not hosted on your site. If in case, this feature turns on, then it might be possible that your WordPress is slowing down day by day.

Therefore, to optimize the speed of your WordPress, you need to turn off this feature.

Connect with Us for WordPress Website Optimization Services in Dubai:

If you are unable to do it on yourself, then you need to take an expert’s help to get rid of this situation. We have an expert team that is sufficient enough to resolve your problems related to WordPress. They are 24 x 7 available to guide you. To get the best services at your doorstep, you need to visit our official website. There you will all type of information about us. 

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