Importance of SSL for Your Blogging Site

Importance of SSL for Your Blogging Site

Installing an SSL contains SSL error? Should I use the SSL for my website? It is essential to switch blogs from HTTP to HTTPS? If you had asked these questions in the past, we would say, maybe yes or maybe not. However, if you ask now, definitely the answer will be yes. 

In 2018, Google announced that it is essential for a website owner to install an SSL. Also, Google announced that all the sites that signify HTTP are not secure. As, if you don’t have an HTTPS, then Google will show a warning sign to the visitor and surely after that, the visitor will not open your site.

When to Install SSL?

You must install an SSL if your website uses an online form where the visitor needs to submit their detailed information such as address, contact details, name as well as other useful information. Apart from this, in case, you sell products on your website, or if you’re posting reviews or promoting products through your website, you need to install SSL. 

Besides, if you provide blog membership, then become a member the users need to enter their personal email address, thus you should install SSL. Keep in mind, if you install the SSL from a well-known source, you can easily avoid the SSL errors.

Why Installing SSL is Essential?

Are you running a website in 2020? If the answer is yes, then you do need to install an SSL. Remember that, nowadays, installing an SSL is not a luxury, but it’s mandatory. These below points will surely make you aware of the necessity of SSL and how to easily avoid the SSL error.

  • Protect Data

The primary objective of an SSL is to protect the communication between the client and the server. In case you install SSL, you can be assured that every bit of data will be encrypted. In the technical term, after installing the SSL, the information will be locked and only the server owner can unlock the data. Hence, if you deal with customer’s secret data- such as credit card number, passwords and other personal information, you must opt for SSL certificates. This will protect your data from scammers.

  • Improve your Website Ranking

As said earlier, Google had declared all the websites that come with HTTP are unsafe. This will surely affect the Google Search Engine ranking. Let’s take an example, if visitors notice warning signs while accessing your website, they will surely never come to your website. And, this will decrease the search engine rank of your site. Therefore, if you are really serious about your website’s search engine ranking, we would advise you to install SSL. 

  • SSL Verify your Identity

When it comes to web security, identity verification is the most important aspect that every website owner should consider. Internet features are increasing with every passing day. And, according to a recent survey in 2009, a person lost a lot of money as his website was hacked. The number of fake websites will increase day by day and that’s why you must install an SSL to your website. 

Remember that, whenever you wish to add an SSL to your website, a third party known as Certificate Authority will verify your details. Now, based on the certificate type, the CA will inspect your organization. Your site will get vouching, only after you have proved your identity. 

This procedure is very much similar to the Twitter accounts. However, the only difference is that, with SSL, you need to verify your website. Doing so will protect your website from fake websites. This procedure is called Phishing in technical terms. Moreover, SSL saves website owners from frauds and keeps your brand reputation.

  • SSL Builds Consumers Trust

Besides, encryption and authentication, SSL are quite useful from the customer’s point of view. Also, if you install EV SSL or OV, then the customer will be able to see the detailed information about your company. Once they have assured that your organization is authentic, consumers will take more interest in your product which will not only increase your ROI but also improve the search engine ranking.

  • SSL Satisfy the DSS/PSI Requirements

In case, you accept online payment, then we expect that you know a little bit about PCI/DSS needs. In order to receive the online payment, your site must follow the PCI rules. Installing an SSL is one of the primary rules that has been provided by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).


Installing an SSL is crucial as it protects the website owners from fake websites. Generally, scammers create a fake website in order to misguide the visitors and steal their secret information. The only way to deal with the issue is to install an SSL. Now, if your thing, installing an SSL is an expensive task, then just visit our UAE Website Development and install an SSL at an affordable price. 

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