Upgrade your website with smart 301 redirect techniques: Contact us for effective and instant hacks

Upgrade your website with smart 301 redirect techniques: Contact us for effective and instant hacks

301 redirect techniques

Whenever you upgrade, redesign or move your website, 301 redirect or permanent redirect provides all kinds of protection for your website. Although it is quite easy to implement most of the time, users forget to process it. As a result, it completely derails the SEO efforts and wipes away the search engine ranking. 301 redirect plays a primary role in website development and designing. Therefore, it is important to know about the features and processes of 301 redirect.

You might notice that the same content is available on your website in multiple ways. This is when 301 redirect comes to action. Here, you have to work with the webmaster and identify your preferred URL structure. Besides this, if you want to get full credit for what is present on your website, you have to set up 301 redirects.  It will help you to rectify those duplicate contents, multiple access points and search engine issues.

Know what is 301 redirect:

301 redirect is a technical way to redirect one URL to another permanently. It also generates online traffic for the updated version of your URL. In case you want to change a page’s URL that appears in the results of a search engine, it is always suggested to use server-side 301 redirect.  It is the best method for ensuring that the users and search engine are directed to the appropriate page.

Being a status code, 301 redirect instructs search engines to move the pages permanently to a new location. Along with transferring prior SEO history to the new content, it also pushes website traffic as well.

Following are the circumstances where you can use permanent redirect

  1. While moving your site to a new domain
  2. If you want your SEO and traffic to be transferred to the new destination
  3. In case of changing a URL
  4. If you want your traffic to the old URL which is rerouted to the new URL
  5. While merging two websites together at the same time
  6. While cleaning up dynamic URLs and redirecting them to friendly versions of smaller search engines
  7. Preventing duplicate content problems

Simple tricks to set up 301 redirect

You can set up 301 redirect in multiple ways. The only difference is that few are geared towards developers and the rest are user-friendly and perfect for end users. If you are unaware of the exact set up process of 301 redirect, follow the simple steps as stated below:

  1. .htaccess file: You will require access to your server’s .htaccess file in order to implement 301 redirect for the sites that are specifically hosted on servers running Apache. However, it can be a bit tough for users who do not have knowledge of programming.
  2. Redirection plugin for WordPress: You can also try using a plugin like redirection if you are using WordPress for 301 redirect. The website owners or bloggers prefer it the most as it very intuitive and easy enough to implement.
  3. 3.WP engine dashboard: WP engine hosting is also used for setting up the process of 301 redirect. This process is also quite simple. Here, you have to venture into users account and add the necessary 301 redirects.


If you still face issues to set up 301 redirect, don’t worry about it. Instead, you can connect with our team of professionals who are always available to assist you with the necessary information. We have experienced professionals with the relevant skills for providing the best guidance about the permanent redirect. Our experts are aware of the ins and outs of 301 redirect and can guide you with the most perfect solutions. Take the initiative to connect with us and experience the best service for protecting your website.

Interact with our experts to get outstanding services for 301 redirect

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