8 Important E-commerce Trends of 2019 to shine Your Business

8 Important E-commerce Trends of 2019 to shine Your Business

8 Important E-commerce Trends of 2019 to shine Your Business

8 Important E-commerce Trends of 2019 to shine Your BusinessIn this advanced era, e-commerce is the most crucial and efficient marketing strategy. However, e-commerce is a sector where you sell your products and the customer visits the sites for shopping. It looks relatively simple on paper but becomes much more complicated in terms of strategy, performance and in an increasingly competitive environment. Moreover, the way you market your e-commerce business today may not work tomorrow. So, if you are running an e-commerce store, you should follow important marketing trends to adapt and experiment to discover what works best for you. Hence, to stay ahead from others is to stay on the top of the emerging trends. Therefore, here, we are giving some important e-commerce trends in 2019.

  1. Integrated Marketing is Essential

If you want your business to grow, you want to win more customers and make more sales. But the question arises how to do to that? Some of your competitors have plenty of cash to throw around and make a noise. They can run expensive TV ads or buy full-page spreads in the national newspapers to build their brands. If you are a small business owner, then how can you compete with them? The answer lies in integrated marketing. Integrated marketing defines a  marketing mix element used to inform, persuade and remind people about organizations and the products as well. Moreover, it plays an important role in the marketing of goods and services. It is also used to influence customer behavior in favor of the products that you are selling.

The main objective of integrated marketing is to create awareness to survive market competition via unique techniques, advertising, publicity and many more. The next objective that comes is brand loyalty. It involves customers making repeat purchases and recommending other company as well. Next comes is the brand image. Brand marketer uses various techniques to develop their brand image.

  1. Social Media

The most powerful instrument for e-commerce business owner is social media. There is a lot of social media presence where you can promote your business and get a return of investment from there. The main channel that comes to our mind is Facebook. This is the consistent part of the social media strategy. But you will find there are some specific opportunities on other platforms as well as who are becoming more popular day by day. Social media is the platform where you can not only communicate with the customers but also know what they are searching for. Additionally, you can create an online community who have an interest in your products and can communicate with your members easily. This is the way they can purchase your products comfortably. You can post the relevant content on Instagram, twitter as well.

Moreover, you can also open a channel on YouTube to share your thoughts, products details, and other relevant information to your customer through video.

  1. Going for a Taste of Brick- and – Mortar

If you set up your business in the brick and mortar location, which maintain both online and offline experience as well. In the offline business, you can offer an omnichannel option such as pick up from the store of the customers. In the offshore, you can build a good relationship with the customer. You can enhance your business and allow better interact with the brands as well.

  1. Mobile Optimization

Mobile commerce is booming nowadays and if your company sells products online, it is a great opportunity to build your business in the high range. While e-commerce is growing very fast, mobile commerce is gaining an increasing share of the business. Most of the customer uses a mobile phone to buy products. It is easy to access and handle a mobile phone in order to purchase products from your sites. As the mobile phone is a user-friendly device, it becomes a major priority for online shoppers. They can use various wallets to pay bill such as major priority etc.

  1. Influence Marketing

Influence marketing is something where you can use influencer for marketing. You must know what is an influencer? An influencer is a person or a group of people who motivate people to take action. In addition, social media influencers is a great marketing investment to enhance your business. In this process, you can endorse your goods and services on the social media platform. Just you need to hire a popular personality who will help you to promote your business in various sectors. With this, your return of investment will increase gradually.

  1. Taking Advantages of Voice Search and Smart Assistants

To optimize your business websites, voice search facility plays an important role in order to enhance your business. With these facilities, the customer can search for products information in text format as well as they can use voice-based shopping experience.

Another innovation is artificial intelligence. This is an area of computer science emphasizes the creation of the intelligent of a machine. The internet revolutionized the way you shop bringing global products to your fingerprints. With this, the machine works and react like a human. Today, consumers expect an immediate response to any questions or concerns they may have. By 2020, 85 %  of customer-enterprise elations will exclude human interaction. By mid-2019, customer digital assistants will have facial and voice recognition. And since you can’t always answer every individual, chatbots are a great option. Another way to personalize your brands is to implement custom packaging.

  1. Smarter Checkouts and Payments

After buying products from your business website, customers pay bills. Hence you need to develop the payments. Lengthy checkout, paying in cash might trouble users. Users can pay the bill through online traction. This is also optimizing the checkout and payment experience for any mobile devices. They buy and send through suppliers. In general, you have no control over shipping, which can cause delivery times longer than you want.

  1. Dropshipping on the Rise

Drop shipping has become more popular in the present days. This is also continued in 2019 in the e-commerce trend. The growing popularity of Dropshipping opens up more ways to present your e-commerce brand and also makes it easier for competitors to get up and running.

A move to drop shipping can give your business more freedom with your goods and services.  Drop shipping is not just for startups. Big brands also make dropshipping jumps because they reduce overhead costs, reduce risk and eliminate the need for inventory storage. It has own unique challenges and potential obstacles.

Therefore, these are the top 8 important e-commerce trends of 2019. Hopefully, by following this guide you will be able to know how to enhance your e-commerce business. Additionally, the above-mentioned trends will definitely help you take your business to the new altitude of success.

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