Big Commerce Faceted Search Filter or Nextopia Product Search Filter: Which one to choose?

Big Commerce Faceted Search Filter or Nextopia Product Search Filter: Which one to choose?


BIGCOMMERCE VS NEXTOPIAWith the advances in technology, the world has gone digital and due to this, the marketing industry has benefited a lot. Nowadays, people prefer to buy things and goods online rather than offline and this has brought changes in the overall retail marketing scene. With the millions of products that are sold online, websites have become an important part of online ecommerce marketing. With the ecommerce website development, there are certain other factors which play a very important and crucial role in turning your potential web store visitors to your buyers. These are product searchability, navigation in the websites and product filtering. With the proper implementation of all these elements in your website, the visitors will find it easy to find the exact product they are looking for.

Know More Details on Ecommerce Stores

Previously, when technology was neither so much advanced nor the online demand was so high, there was considerably less number of commodities available on a single store. But with the improving advancements in this field, the ecommerce websites have become more complicated. The ecommerce stores are nowadays selling every minor and major product starting from a toothpick to a vehicle. So, with the availability of so many products and the rapid increase in their demands, it has become extremely difficult for the customers to find the exact product that they are looking for.

But this needs to be maintained well because it hugely affects the sales. It is definite that if the customer fails to find the product they are looking for, they will ultimately lose the sale of that particular product. Apart from that, they will be losing a potential customer which is a loss for your ecommerce business. In order to overcome this obstacle, the modern ecommerce companies are working hard by introducing various types of ecommerce solutions such as BigCommerce Faceted Search and Nextopia Search. These solutions offer easy navigation on the ecommerce website and also make it relatively easier to discover the products that the visitors are looking for on the website.

About BigCommerce Faceted Search

Developed by BigCommerce, a leading ecommerce solution provider, BigCommerce Faceted Search is an advanced feature which offers ease of product discovery and product filtering. This feature comes with an adroit implementation of the search technique. The faceted search technique also includes combination and organizing of different products for providing the best results. After implementation of Faceted Search feature in BigCommerce, it claims an overall 10% increase in its conversion rate.

When Product filtering is considered, it is quite a daunting task because if it’s not done correctly, then it can lead to omit the results which the visitors might be looking for. With the proper implementation of Faceted Search feature in BigCommerce, the users can easily filter the products which they are searching for, on the basis of brand, price, category, product options, and others. It also offers the web store owner custom fields to customize the website. There is another option, Product sorting which seems useful and also serves as a helping hand in filtering the products thereof. With this option, the products can be sorted out either in ascending or descending order according to their prices, availability of stock and much more.

About Nextopia Search

Developed by Nextopia Software Corporation, Nextopia Search is a third-party plug-in which is used for advanced product filtering and discovery solutions. This plugin is available on various platforms and it can be used for getting the best product filtering and sorting with its own modified search mechanism. With this solution, websites offer much better results as they become efficient. This is much more advanced than BigCommerce Faceted Search because the former is an intelligent product discovery algorithm whereas the latter only concentrates on the product filtering and sorting fields. The Nextopia Search basically works on the user keywords, inputs and other related attributes that can be easily customized by owners of the web stores. Therefore, in making the discovery of the product better, there is no doubt that Nextopia Search will prove much more beneficial.

Through the usage of this third-party plugin, users can easily find their desired products from the provided product list. This also integrates well with diverse ecommerce platforms and help in increasing the conversion rate of your website by making your ecommerce store amazingly efficient.


Which feature should you integrate into your ecommerce platform in Dubai, UAE: Big Commerce Faceted Search Filter or Nextopia Product Search Filter?

If you are interested in designing an ecommerce store, then it is important that your websites are easy to navigate. Otherwise, it will not be able to attract more customers. For that, you can take help of the plugins or features. We have discussed here particularly about two- BigCommerce Faceted Search and Nextopia Search. These underlying features contribute to the Keyword filtering and search and at the same time, it contributes to Product sorting and filtering. Though both have its own set of features, when it comes to additional functionality and customization, then undoubtedly Nextopia Search is a bit advanced. With its additional functions, it will help in getting more sales and driving more customers to your websites.

Regardless of the discussion made above, what matters the most while making a firm decision is that what are your requirements and what is your price estimate. These two play a crucial role in making decisions regarding which features you should integrate with your ecommerce store.

Very Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much does BigCommerce cost?

    Usually, BigCommerce prices start from AED110.01 per month for the Standard plan, AED293.68 per month for Plus, and AED918.13 per month for Pro.

How to delete my BigCommerce account?

In order to delete a BigCommerce account, you can follow the steps below:
At first, go to the Account Settings, then select the Account Summary option. After that, go to the Stores option and select the name of the store which you would like to cancel. Then, scroll down to the Details option and click on the “Cancel Store” option.

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