BigCommerce Vs Shopify Know at UAE Website Development

BigCommerce Vs Shopify Know at UAE Website Development

BigCommerce Vs Shopify Know

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bigcommerce vs shopify

Web development is the way toward creating sites or website pages hosted on the Internet or intranet. Consider your most loved website; regardless of whether it’s an e-commerce store, blog, interpersonal organization, online video streaming service, or some other kind of Internet application, everything must be handled by a professional web designer.

Bigcommerce vs Shopify

BigCommerce and Shopify both are the best e-commerce platforms for new e-commerce startups. One can try both as they are the type of e-commerce website builders where the users can create an online store on their own. They are giving the solutions to build an online store with the help of pre-declare scripts and both are hosted ecommerce platforms, so one does not need any kind of hosting and other things.

The scalability and versatility of these platforms have some differences depending on the facilities and services they offer. So, it can be a bit challenging to choose between these two platforms for the newcomers who are just starting off on their exciting and long journey in this e-commerce market.

We are covering all the keys areas concerning you in our comparison of BigCommerce and Shopify which will give you a clear view about which platform is best suited for you.

Price: BigCommerce VS Shopify

While you’re going for e-commerce website development, then the first factor you’ll need to consider is the budget. Often, the buyers end up having the question- ‘How much does BigCommerce or Shopify cost?’

Here, we have given the detailed pricing plans of both BigCommerce and Shopify web development platforms.


Standard edition costs 110.01 AED per month.
Plus edition costs 293.66 AED per month.
Pro edition costs 918.07 AED per month.
Enterprise edition price varies as per requirements.


Lite edition costs 33.06 AED per month.
Basic edition costs 106.52 AED per month.
Standard edition costs 290.17 AED per month.
Advanced edition costs 1098.23 AED per month.

Here, you might think that Shopify Lite is providing the services at a lower price than BigCommerce. But you should remember that this Lite version doesn’t give you all the functionalities you need to build a website.

Fair Comparison

According to the budget plans of both BigCommerce and Shopify, there might not be that much difference between BigCommerce ‘Standard’ plan & Shopify ‘Basic’ plan. But when it comes to the services, BigCommerce is a little ahead of Shopify due to these four reasons:

  • Gift cards option
  • Professional reporting functionality
  • Review system and built-in ratings
  • Real-time shipping quotes

Reviews & Ratings for bigcommerce vs shopify

Well, it is needless to say that Shopify lags behind in terms of reviews and ratings. This is because BigCommerce provides the important and useful features in its every plan. Whereas for Shopify, one will not get all the required services in every plan. So, get expert assistance for the best BigCommerce website development services in Dubai, UAE and get one step ahead in building your webstore.

Transactional Costs

Transaction fees can be a game changer when it comes to choosing the best web development platform. Well, in this case, we can say that BigCommerce is a clear winner. It charges 0% transaction fees no matter what payment gateway you use. Shopify also charges 0% transaction fees, when you only use their own gateway i.e. ‘Shopify Payments’. But when you choose other gateways while making transactions in Shopify, you’ll be charged from 0.5% to 2% as per the plan you have selected.

Despite the Shopify Payment system being okay, the thing is that it is not available everywhere like PayPal or Stripe.

Credit Card Charges

Apart from the transaction fees, there are also some credit card charges that you might want to know about. While you’re making payments by using a credit card, there are some minimal charges that you need to pay. However, below, we’ve shown the credit card charge details for both Shopify and BigCommerce:


Shopify Lite: 2.9% + 30c per transaction
Basic Shopify: 2.9% + 30c
Shopify: 2.6% + 30c
Advanced Shopify: 2.4% + 30c

BigCommerce: (their payment partner is PayPal & powered by Braintree)

Bigcommerce Standard: 2.9% + 30c
Bigcommerce Plus: 2.5% + 30c
Bigcommerce Pro: 2.2% + 30c
Bigcommerce Enterprise: 2.2% + 30c

Themes or Templates

When it’s about making an e-commerce site, you’ll need to be aware of the available themes on the platform you’ve chosen. The themes or templates basically make your online store attractive and improves the customer traffic on the website.

Here, BigCommerce lets the user choose a theme from the 7 free themes primarily. For Shopify, the number of options is more i.e. it offers 10 free themes to the users. BigCommerce themes generally look the same as they are built on the same base. Apart from the free themes, there are various Premium themes available on the BigCommerce theme store. The Shopify themes appear to be different in terms of design.

But it is better to get an expert’s advice while selecting the themes as every store needs a different look and design. You can easily get in touch with the professionals of the best eCommerce development company in Dubai, UAE to make your store look more elegant for the visitors.

Ease of Use

As BigCommerce is slightly younger than Shopify, they both did some experiments with new features and interfacing designs. Due to such innovative trials, both the platforms have become quite efficient and superior in the digital market.

When you’re using the BigCommerce platform, you’ll get to enjoy the advanced features of the general components of the e-commerce store. Though there will be inflated complexities, they won’t interfere because they stay out of your way.

In the case of Shopify, the users can find interface-similarity with WordPress. It is very smooth to accomplish the common tasks on the Shopify platform. The problem comes when you enter the second level navigation on Shopify. In this section, the whole method can be a bit troublesome as the users get frustrated while making modifications like adding sub-menus, etc. The frequent changing of User Interface makes Shopify less capable than BigCommerce.

Hosting and Security

When you’re using the BigCommerce platform, you’ll get unlimited storage along with 99.99% bandwidth continuity. During Cyber Week, BigCommerce assures you 100% availability, and due to that, the users can get excellent connection speeds. This makes the BigCommerce quite demanding.

The possibility of a credit card data breach is very much reduced with the help of PCI DSS 3.0 certified Level 1 servers. Not only this, but there are other security options as well like firewalls, file integrity scanners, 24/7 human monitoring, DDOS mitigation solution, IDS, etc. Thus, we can say that BigCommerce has covered all the aspects regarding their approach to security.

Shopify has also enhanced its security system with such similar measures. Your e-commerce site can get the facility of PCI DSS Level 1 security and be protected by an excellent backup system. There is a page named HackerOne on Shopify where the users can report about the suspicious activities occurring on their site.

The enterprise-level hosting service ‘ServerCentral’ provides data hosting to Shopify. It gives 99.99% uptime, and due to their Content Delivery Network (CDN), they can deliver the contents quickly across the globe.

Marketing and SEO Capabilities

This is probably the most important technique that has been carefully crafted and tested over the years to maximize the impact. There are a lot of snippets that you can add to your searches through metadata, like reviews, prices, offers, and many more. Some are easier than the others to implement. One very important element is making the community interact with the products through the way of questions and answers, reviews, contests, etc. thus creating new content that the SERPs can consume. The larger your content is, the better SEO exposure you’ll get.

The best strategy creates a trusted brand, and this will attract to you dozens or hundreds of quality sites that will link content to your pages. As times passes, this becomes exponentially important. While this is not SEO per se, it certainly helped a lot in bringing customers and is still a key piece of the marketing strategy. You can get the BigCommerce services from the best e-commerce website builders in Dubai, UAE.

Shopify has come a long way with SEO in the last year or so but it still has some issues structurally to really get the best out of it from an SEO perspective. Having said that, with a bit of tweaking, you can get great traction. One of the main issues with the limited ability to change URLs, structure content the way you want, and adjusting code where needed. When you get it worked out, they rank like gangbusters. However, here are some of the pros of Shopify SEO:

  1. Free SSL Certificate
  2. Easy Editing of Title Tags, Meta Descriptions & URLs
  3. Image Optimizations
  4. Automatic Sitemap and Robots.txt Creation
  5. Automatically Generated Canonical URLs

Customer Support

The BigCommerce support page provides the best customer support services to its clients. The professionals are quite experienced and have a broad knowledge-base. All the questions and topics regarding BigCommerce services is easily covered with their online video series.

Furthermore, there is a 24/7 call support available in 9 countries, and also there is an option of international support for the rest. If you prefer communicating through text, then you can use the live chat or support email facility.

Similarly, Shopify also offers 24/7 customer support and they provide different communication modes such as emails, or chat via Shopify Guru. One might even directly contact the Shopify experts by calling on their helpline number.

Instead of using an entire database of FAQs, Shopify’s knowledgebase doesn’t meet the quality of BigCommerce. Hence, you need support from different online tutorials provided by BigCommerce.

In the end, we can say that both BigCommerce and Shopify are excellent in the website developing field. The price plans for both the platforms are almost similar. But Shopify Lite comes with a few additional features within a reasonable price. So, if you’re looking for a budget-bounded platform, then go for Shopify.

Otherwise, if you have planned to build a full-fledged online store, then BigCommerce Pro edition is the best for you within an affordable price. Shopify will be a good option when you want no limits on sales or else, BigCommerce is a great option.


  1. What is the best ecommerce platform?
  • Shopify. A Canadian-based ecommerce solution, Shopify has been helping online businesses across the globe with a sharp focus on the trending social commerce and mobile shopping.
  • Magento.
  • YoKart.
  • BigCommerce.
  • VTEX.
  • WooCommerce.
  • Tictail.
  1. Which e-commerce platform is best for small businesses?
  • Shopify. With over 500,000 active online stores, Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms out there.
  • BigCommerce. BigCommerce caters to the needs of both very small and larger businesses.
  • Wix Ecommerce.
  • Squarespace.
  • Volusion.
  • Weebly e-commerce.
  1. Does Shopify use PayPal?Despite using the Shopify Payments gateway, you can still use the PayPal gateway as a backup, if your customers prefer PayPal transactions. If your website provides more payment options to the clients, then gradually the number of customers will increase.
  2. Where is BigCommerce located?

    BigCommerce is a private technology corporation that designs software and services for e-commerce businesses. BigCommerce was founded in 2009 and has 456 employees with headquarters in Austin, Texas and additional offices in San Francisco, California and Sydney, Australia.

    5. How do I build an e-commerce website?
  • Decide on your product.
  • Set your pricing.
  • Research shipping costs and options.
  • Choose your eCommerce web hosting.
  • Pick a domain name and brand.
  • Build your eCommerce website.
  • Set up a merchant account.

Get your SSL certificate.

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