Guide To Common Social Media Mistakes

Guide To Common Social Media Mistakes

common social media mistakes

Highlighting some of the Common Social Media Mistakes made by Budding Entrepreneurs

The way social media is moving ahead, it is essentially becoming challenging. It is getting difficult to keep up with so many platforms as they are continuously changing algorithms and targeting capabilities. It can be very tough as you might feel you are handling a lot and then, making mistakes becomes inevitable. Moreover, social media offers a secure avenue through which you can market your brand and products without much difficulty. But, it can also pose as a hindrance if you are not using it properly.

It might tempt you to use marketing online on social media because it is easy to sabotage the value of strategic work on it. This will lead to falling in the trap of less productive SMO, SEO etc. Later, when the mistakes are realized, there will hardly be any time left to cope up with the situation. If you are new in the online marketing sector or new at handling anyone else’s venture, you must know the guidelines to create an SEO friendly strategy. Let us introduce you to some of the common social media mistakes which are not easily recognizable and how you can prevent them.

common social media mistakes


Common Social Media Mistakes and A Guide to Avoid Them

As a matter of fact, you can see that social media which holds a strong influence on the purchasing patterns of the customers. However, making social media marketing mistakes can incur losses for you. At times, situations get worse and you might need a social media marketing expert to offer optimization services.

Mistake 1: Presence on Every Social Media

One of the most common mistakes is to be present on every social media platform. As a beginner, you may jump start and be open at all social media, but later, it turns out that not one platform has made any impact. It is difficult to come up with new ideas every time and as a result, it develops a poor social media infrastructure. This happens as you are sharing the content and hoping that people will click on your website. What you actually want is to attract more traffic to your website. But, if you are trying to be present everywhere, you will not be able to manage them with equal attention. It is not only important to be on the social media, but it is also necessary to conduct effective marketing activities.

Mistake 2: Lacking a Consistent Social Posting Plan

One of the major goals is developing a continuous social posting plan. Most of the marketers go for this in the beginning but fail to keep up with it. Meanwhile, monotony takes over and even excellent SMO techniques fail to keep up with the schedule. On the other hand, there are a lot of startups which do not make any effort to develop a consistent itinerary. Even if they have, they are not able to manage it later. Therefore, without a static consistent posting plan, you will not be able to create the necessary impact on your audience.

Mistake 3: Avoiding Audience Needs

The success of your social media depends on the kind of response the audience gives. Meanwhile, if you are ignoring the needs of the customers, it will be a suicide for your website. This is one common social media mistakes that are made by the amateurs. In this way, your audience will no longer visit your website. As you know, social media platforms are way flexible to adapt to their audience, therefore ignoring their needs can be a loss for you.

Mistake 4: Developing Irrelevant Content

The crucial part of your media strategy is the kind of content you are publishing. At times, marketers get diverted from their aim and create irrelevant content which fails to create any impact. As a result, the interaction process with the social media profile reduces drastically. Consequently, the leads coming from the social media profiles also goes down. On the other hand, irrelevant contents cause more damage to your marketing goals than any other mistake.

Mistake 5: Lacking a Broader Marketing Strategy

Unlike any other marketing techniques, social media also expects that you have your plans ready. Most of the times, common social media mistakes are made by budding businesses. They try to develop good contents but due to a poor marketing strategy, they end up making the least impact on the audience. For entrepreneurs, marketing vision must be broad so that the effort that they are putting up to create the content does not get erased.

Mistake 6: Over-Automation

The biggest mistake that is made by the social media marketers is speaking in terms which is professional but not comprehensive enough for the end user. You must avoid utilizing jargons or references that are extremely technical in terms. Replace them with terms that your primary customers will understand.

Mistake 7: Forgetting The Basics

Several conventional marketers are treating social media as a new trendy, flashy and ever dynamic platform. The first thing you must do with the social media platforms is concentrating on the basics. This will help you to draw the right audience, reviews and success will come closer to you. In case you do not fulfill the basic standards, then you cannot expect to go ahead with complex marketing strategies.

Mistake 8: Paying Attention To The Wrong Metrics

Interestingly, the performance of your social media is measured with key performance indicators (KPI). At times, marketers fall into the wrong trap of vanity metrics. Marketing strategists think that measuring the number of fans on Facebook and Instagram is enough to know the success rate. But, at the end of the day, if those followers do not get involved with your website, do not buy any product or request for services, then what is the outcome?

There is one way by which you can avoid this common social media mistake. That is, by setting up a Facebook Pixel on your own website. This will help you to run the advertising of your contents, services, products and in turn, increase your sales.

Mistake 9: Not Using The Full Power of Platforms

One of the common social media mistakes is not utilizing the inbound tool replacing the outbound tool. You are sharing the content with the hope that people will click on the links and enter your website. This is done for maximizing traffic generation.

On the contrary, you can see that social media is an incredible tool for searching the most relevant customers or partners. For example, if we talk about LinkedIn, people use that social media to hunt for jobs and they have a value-first approach. They are not the ones who wait for people when they are able to find them easily without any hassle.


Business is conducted between people and that is why automation is not always a good option. You need to keep human touch so that the interaction becomes an interesting and useful one. Maintaining a good rapport is an essential element for every company. Try avoiding the aforesaid common social media mistakes and utilize social media with utmost care so that none of your efforts go in vain.

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