Get to Know 30 Simple Application Ideas for Startups Ventures

Get to Know 30 Simple Application Ideas for Startups Ventures

In this recent advanced technological era, the requirement for simple application ideas is progressing. The maximum number of companies are developing some simple mobile applications which are very easy to use, lightweight, agile and serves the actual purposes within a flicker of time.

Here, in this informative post, we have rounded up some application ideas for Startups and SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises). To help you out, we have classified these simple application ideas into three major categories. Such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning, Blockchain and Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. Thus, without delaying too much, let’s take a look at the below passage in detail to know some simple app ideas for startups.

Top Ten Blockchain-Enabled Simple Application Ideas for Startups and SMEs:

In this advanced tech-savvy generation, the blockchain is gaining its own market very quick and fast. Moreover, within the upcoming year, the blockchain will revamp the commercial enterprises completely.

Hence, in this segment, we have enlisted some easy application ideas for Startups and SMEs on Blockchain.

  1. Application Idea for Money Borrowing and Lending

In this advanced era, both money lenders and borrowers are correlated in the line of the technology world with the help of the blockchain. Each and every consumer can easily execute the financial transactions with the help of the money lending application. Even they don’t require the bank to execute commercial activities and transactions.

The brand-new applications ideas which are blockchain-based can also let you settle totally anonymous and also there is no requirement to record anywhere. Moreover, there is another advantage for the borrowers that they can easily choose their favored loan medium from the marketplace and can repay the amount of loan in a low- interest and secure conditions.

  1. Applications Idea for Digital Wills

Now a myriad of people utilizing the cryptocurrency to keep their funds, but how can you anticipate a loss in the case, you die without a will? In such a scenario, you can easily utilize some particular platforms which are specially developed on smart contracts and can manage your funds during a disaster. Such types of application platform grants you to convey money and your entire savings to the members of your family in case of death or any issues.

  1. Application Idea for Saving Electricity Bills

Nowadays, this type of application is high on demand. Generally, this application observes your power usage and assists you to save the expenses on the electricity bills. The actual purpose of these types of application platforms is to control the power usage of the electricity with the help of the blockchain. These apps assist a lot of people in saving the electricity bills that they receive through the electric meter.

  1. Applications Idea for Storing Your Medical Records

The brand-new and excellent application ideas for blockchain in healthcare now accommodate the patients to keep their medical reports and information securely on the blockchain program. With the help of these applications, the patients can keep and maintain the health records date-wise and report-wise on the blockchain platform.

In recent days, the health consultants and doctors are restrained in giving the most competent level of care because of their incompetence to track the health records of the patients. Moreover, such types of modern new applications ideas are beneficial for all the health consultants as it empowers them to obtain the patient’s medical reports from a remote place.

  1. Application Idea for Real Estate

It is really challenging for every person to keep and maintain the registry information and docs of property ownership and some particular operations which are related to the real-estate. In this case, there is a specific application platform which is developed on the blockchain and where you can easily and securely maintain the information related to the real estate.

The platform is known as Ubitquity. This specific application platform simply diminishes the necessity for the title search time and also enhance the clarity in the operations related to the real estate.

  1. App Idea for Gift Portals

In this era, there are numerous types of gifts portal and applications over the online world. These types of gifts portal and applications basically utilize some synthetic souvenirs and some common form of tokens to transfer rebates and honor bonuses to their clients and customers.

But, today, we have a specific gift portal application such as Rouge which grants enterprises to create their own blockchain-based honor gifts, rewards, tokens, tickets and bonuses for their clients.

  1. Application Idea for Entertainment Industry

The right of ownership of the audio albums or films and clarity is known as the major concerns in the entertainment and music industry. In this case, blockchain technology can resolve these major concerns by utilizing a decentralized and useful database of the rights of your media contents. At the same time, clarity in the transmission of professional composer authorities and is sustained over the complete distribution process.

  1. Application Idea for Identity

The most excellent example of a blockchain application platform for identity was a digital passport which was launched on Github in the year of 2014. Moreover, this could help a person to recognize themselves online. At first, take a picture in order to utilize this application. After that, get the picture stamped with the option of the private key and public key to make the picture authentic and genuine.

  1. Application Idea for Transport Industry

Arcade City application beat each and every online cab services with their car hiring and ride-sharing platform which is completely based on the blockchain technology. Moreover, this is the only blockchain-based cab services application where both drivers and passengers are correlated directly to get the Arcade car ride rewards.

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  1. Application Idea for Web Hosting

Sometimes, your website is down because of server overload. To overcome this annoying situation, you may require a web hosting service. Moreover, it is an effective approach to have a program where your web content does not need to depend on any central server.

Top Ten Artificial Intelligence and ML Machine Learning New Application Ideas for Startups and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises:

Here, in this context, we have presented the best 10 AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) new application ideas for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises.

  1. App Idea for Retail Brands

This new simple application idea is best for e-commerce website owners. To promote the products and goods on the e-commerce website, then owners require to have photos of all the products. The maximum number of e-commerce website owners collect photos from the internet (Google).

In this advanced era, it would be more beneficial to utilize an on-device recognition Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning tool to search the photos of the products and goods. As an example, IntelliJ is a platform which basically scans, coordinates, and classifies all the photos in your smartphone as per the items that are given in the photo.

  1. New Application Idea for the Journalists

Creating stories and news regarding the latest happenings is the most vital job for every journalist. Moreover, this necessitates a lot of work for respondents to assemble the information and data of the current events or news. The most efficient technique is to give a journalist with the real Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning (AI/ML) experience. Generally, this AI or ML tool helps a journalist to auto-generate a particular statement by claiming the essential information from you through the voice conversation.

  1. Application Ideas for Geo Tracking

There are some organizations and businesses which require to explore the potential details of interest. As an example, we can say that the potential details of supermarkets, stores, spas, banquet venues, party locations, marriage ceremony and many more.

  1. New Application Ideas for the Authors

The actual purpose of this new simple application ideas for the authors is to exclude the application of your pen or hands to write new articles, papers, journals and newsletters. If you are a writer, then you can use such a new cool application “NaturalYou” to add brand-new articles and journals to your digital diary by simply conversing to it.

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  1. Application Idea for Financial Activities

Finance applications along with the AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) can assist you to analyze the history and details of your payment transaction, awards that you have picked, and other information. Such types of financial applications based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tool also can be utilized to maintain the details of the expenditure of clients by linking their credit cards and account statements.

  1. New Application Idea for Weather Forecasting

The weather forecasting applications which are AI and ML enabled will at first note your current location. After that, the application will give you some detailed information regarding the weather, climate on your region as per your current location.

The weather forecasting applications like Dark Sky is the most suitable application to pick for receiving some proper and detailed climate insights. This app is formed by the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology which can help you to predict any kind of difference in climate status.

  1. New Simple Application Idea for Food Delivery

The restaurant and food delivery applications along with the AI and ML technology can settle the difficulty of taking orders for the food, managing orders, fixing customers’ questions. Moreover, you can get the most effective suggestion and complete details of the discounts for recipes according to your preferences and favorites.

  1. New Application Idea for Healthcare

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology-based applications in healthcare can play a crucial role in providing you a detailed review of the current situation of your health. Such types of brand new applications are formed with some efficient features which can examine the entire reports of your health and present users with some appropriate and suitable exercise schedule to sustain their well-being.

  1. Application Idea for Travel Industry

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated Machine Learning (ML) technology in the travel industry can assist the users in organizing their tour and scheduled trips as quickly as possible. In case, you require to organize the entire trip in limited resources, then there are some particular ML and AI-enabled applications that will present you the list of least expensive resorts, hotels and tour prospects.

  1. Sports Application

Artificial Intelligence technology and Machine Learning technology whenever incorporated with the games forecasting applications can hugely help you by predicting the consequence of games that you play.

10 AR and VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) New Application Ideas for Startups and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are the newest trends which are reshaping the industries. Be it the purpose of study, education or video games there are some significant consequences of these high-level technologies. Here we have explained some simple application ideas based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology (AR/VR):

  1. New Application Idea for Landscape Designing

ARK is one of the most advanced landscape design applications based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology (AR/VR). This AR and VR technology-based application comes with different effective features.

Such as simple and fast landscape summaries by utilizing the Apple gadgets, automatic cost estimates by utilizing the information of measurement and have the capability to present the customers a 3D based design of their recommended design of a landscape.

  1. App Idea for Learning

“Mondly” application is one of the most useful applications which is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology (AR/VR) enabled.

  1. Application Idea for Repairs

The professional repair technicians confront several circumstances where they require to give responsive maintenance support and repair service. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology-based application can be of excellent help in all such conditions by equipping the machines on rare equipment and tools.

  1. New Application Idea for Shopping

Suppose you bought an item of brand new furniture for your home but it doesn’t match your room area or that the furniture doesn’t go with the decoration of your apartment. Then, what you will do? In such a case, try to use the IKEA Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology-based application.

  1. App Idea for AR teleconferencing 

The new application idea for teleconferencing which is based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology is about reaching distant users. But in these advanced days, it is also bringing the entire world near you, so that you can experience the elements in a more helpful way.

  1. Application Idea for Construction Site Management

New application ideas for the construction site management which are based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology is a great deal for the estate developers. Moreover, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology in the architecture industry, assisting the project developers to take a glimpse at constructions in the form of 3D design.

  1. New Application Idea for Interior Designing

With the help of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology-based interior designing application, you can choose a design for your room before you even purchase a single piece of fittings for your house.

  1. App Idea for Building Maintenance

Nowadays, it is possible to keep and record all the vital data of construction site maintenance with the help of the new Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology-based app idea for construction site maintenance.

  1. Apps for Marketing

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology-based applications along with new marketing approaches open up the new era of probabilities for numerous businesses and brands.

  1. AR Apps for Healthcare

In these advanced days, there are numerous types of essential applications for physicians and doctors who utilize the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology to verify an individual’s anatomy in the environment which is 3D-enabled.

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That’s all! Now, we are done. We hope that the above-mentioned 30 simple application ideas will be best for your startup enterprise. If you want to know more regarding the AI, ML, Blockchain, AR/VR technologies, then revisit our website for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are Good App ideas?

The total number of mobile-based applications in the Google Play store and application store surpasses four million, and this amount of mobile-based apps proceeds to grow.

  • Virtual Interior Design.
  • Book Reviews and Recommendations.
  • Virtual Jewelry Try-On.
  • Application for Elderly People.
  • Public Carsharing
  • Barter Exchange App.
  • Thematic Checklists
  • Interactive Contact List.
  • Wish Store.
  • Interest Community.
  • Niche Advert Board
  • Custom Itinerary Application.
  •  Tinder for Board Games.
  • Virtual Landscape Design
  • How Much Does Your Time Cost?
  •  Christmas list.
  • Search for Objects by Photo.
  • Friend Rating.
  • City Guide
  • Recipes by Ingredients.
  • Dash Cam App.
  • Learning the Language in Context
  1. How do you get an Application idea?

In case, you don’t already have a query in your mind, then it advised to try one of the following tricks which are described hereunder to get your concepts emerging:

  1. Browse through applications in the Application Store.
  2. Take time off.
  3. Study outside of the Application Store.
  4. Attend meetups and hackathons.
  5. Look at what’s getting funded.
  6. Recognize and examine the existing applications.
  7. Verify the keywords.
  8. Ask potential users.
  9. Examining your application ideas market fit.
  10. Building and marketing.
  11. Can you Copyright an App Idea?

Take a look at the eight effective ways to protect your application idea from getting notched.

  1. Copyright your application.
  2. Non-disclosure agreement.
  3. Utilize a non-compete agreement.
  4. Apply for a patent.
  5. Opt for the trademark.
  6. Do business with the right people.
  7. Document everything.
  8. Limit the distribution.


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