Top Essentials of Email Design Audit that You Should Know

Top Essentials of Email Design Audit that You Should Know

Essentials of Email Design Audit that You Should Know

Essentials of Email Design Audit that You Should Know

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Email is a challenging digital media that serve as a valuable marketing channel for most of the present businesses. Numerous hurdles exist between a modern marketer and a successful email campaign like email design, permissions, and more. And only an email audit let you know the shortcomings in your email campaigns and thereby helps to overcome these hurdles.Email audit is the secret key to create better quality emails. Email design audit focus on the layout, subject line, web version, alternative text, interactive elements, animation, and other important aspects of emails. Email design audit equally thrust upon the visual elements and the core message of your email. The all over composition of your email determines how your prospects are going to view your brand. If email marketing is a valuable part of your business, then you will need to highly stress upon email design audit as well. Therefore, in this guide we are going to emphasize the top essentials of Email Design audit. Hence, take a vivid look below.

Purpose of Email Design Audit in the Success of Email Campaign

You will require a well-designed email to support your email marketing strategy at its best. It helps to convey your message clearly and increases the number of subscriber for your emails. Visually attractive emails can capture the attention of your subscribers quickly and entice them to purchase your products. Hence focusing on email design is as important as your marketing practices. Besides this, a broken email layout force people to unsubscribe your emails report them as spam. Hence it is advisable to have flawless email design along with double-checked HTML codes. Email design audit reviews the visual style and message of an email. Moreover, it ensures a conformity among each and every component of an email.

The task of email design audit is to analyze whether your email can communicate the actual message targeted to your prospects. It ensures whether email is making any sense or a bit more confusing for the audience. Email design audit put a deeper insight into all the rendering aspects your email template. It makes the necessary modifications to optimize your emails for conversion. It determines the key improvement points that can give an edge to the content of your email. Email design audit identifies the focus areas to ensure that not a single element is missed from your email. It acts like an expert practitioner to boost your email knowledge for achieving your business goals at a faster rate.

Importance of Periodic Email Design Audit

Email design trends are constantly changing according to the taste and preference of people. Hence a periodic email design audit is vital to keep your emails in line with the technological advancements. Customers do not want to experience the same thing again and again. This would make them loose interest if there is nothing new in your email design. Therefore, modify your email designs so that they maintain the latest industry standards and open new opportunities for your company. You will also come to know the mistakes in your email design and can take the appropriate measures to rectify them.

Know the Essentials of Email Design Audit:

Email Design Audit generally consists of these seven essential elements. To know them, take a look at the next part of the article:


The header section of your email can do a lot to meet your business objective. It is the first thing that readers find in their inbox and then decide whether to read the message or not. Hence you will need to make it as attractive and unique as possible. Put the headline just below the navigation bar located at the top of your email. Make sure that your email contacts are able to recognize that the message represents your company. The subject line narrates in short all about the message. The header shall match with your core message and reflect your brand personality. You shall design the subject line in accordance with mobile users in your mind. Minimize the number of words so that they can accommodate within the limited space of the mobile inbox.

Logo and Colors

Logo and colors are the first things that readers will notice when they are going to open your email. Use consistent design elements to make your brand easily recognizable to your target audience. The colors should be consistent with the visual elements and the overall layout of your email.


An image has the maximum capacity to grab the attention of readers visually. You shall include an image that supports the purpose of your email. For example, use the picture of your products to motivate the buyers in choosing your product. Besides, image also need to highlight the offers your company has mentioned in the email. You can take the help of custom illustrations to give a better description of your products. Rich media like GIF is quite powerful in demonstrating the usage of your products in detail. An alternative text shall complement the image to tell subscribes what does the image represent.


People typically scan a message before reading its contents thoroughly. Simplify the text as much as you can and try to avoid bombasting or technical words. Construct the body in such a way so that it leads the readers to your call to action. It needs to be engaging so that readers are prompted to take the desired course of action. 80:20 is the standard ratio one shall maintain between the text and visual elements of his emails. Otherwise, it might trigger the spam filter and affect the deliverability of the email.

Call to Action

At the end of the message, include a command that tells the readers what is their next action.

Use a call to action that stands out in the crowd and effective to fetch good results. The call to action should be pleasing and relevant to the content of your email. A separate CTA button will help the subscribers of your email to visit the respective landing page.


The footer section shall contain the information with which the prospects can get in touch with your company. Mention the links of your social channels so that people can connect with you through social networks. Or else, you can add social media icon and discuss the privacy policy for the convenience of the readers. If you wish, then you can mention your physical address as well.

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