Top 10 Reasons Why Should You Choose Android over iOS

Top 10 Reasons Why Should You Choose Android over iOS

reasons why should you choose Android over iOS

Today Smartphone is required for every person to stay connected with the World. Standing in 2019, when we think of the operating systems used in smartphones, two options come to our mind – Android and iOS. According to the research in today’s market, 99.6% of Smartphones run either on Android or iOS. The two OS platform is really excellent and they are quite a bit common to each other. In the very beginning, Android did not provide interesting features like iOS. So, in the beginning, iOS devices became the premium choice for its attractive and reliable features. But, with the progress in time, Android did many makeovers on every platform of user experience like reliability, security, UI to dominate all OS companies. In today’s market, we all know the position of Android which has a huge market share. So, in case, if you are still wondering about  “Reasons why should you choose Android over iOS”, then you are just in the right place. In this article, we are going to provide the most effective reasons to choose Android.

reasons why should you choose Android over iOSPractical Reasons Why Android is Better than iOS

Undoubtedly, Apple iOS grabs a lot of attention and is very attractive to the users, but, there are numerous reasons to avoid them. Conversely, the Android platform is easier to use, gives a lot of functionality and is more reliable to the users. To know more, take a look below:


  • Growing Fast With Technology – Plenty of Choices for New Technology in Android


In the very beginning, Android had some disadvantages like bugs, many loopholes, and unpleasant interface. With time, the developers of Android deal with these issues and now, it provides the most reliable experience to the users which is incomparable with its past.   

The new and unique technological innovations of Android help to move it much faster in the technology field than iOS. A vast range of devices take Android to the next level and make more attractive to the users. However, iOS introduced the same features of Android some years later of Android’s introduction. So, if you are willing to experience new innovations, then you should go with Android. There are a lot of features thar Android has introduced first.

For example, Apple introduced its first water resistance feature in the iPhone 7 in 2016. But, this is really interesting that this feature is introduced by Android in 2013. Even, Samsung Galaxy s7 has higher IP68 rating than iPhone 7’s IP67.

Even, some of the exciting features that were first introduced by Android are:

  • The uses of Haptic feedback.
  • Fingerprint readers
  • Mobile payments
  • NFC
  • Retina scanner
  • Gorilla glasses
  • Higher definition displays
  • Wifi direct and much more.



  • New UI – Google Now – A Newly Launched Feature


One of Android’s newly launched feature is Google Now. It is more straightforward than Siri. Google Now on tap was the first introduced in 2015. By one tap, you can ask any question and you will get the answers according to your question while multitasking. Android adds much more functionality to Google Now in its latest version. When you are tired of typing something, you can ask any questions to Google assistant which automatically responses on behalf of your question. But Siri is unable to respond automatically and even it can’t create and send the clone messages as well. In addition, Google Now helps the third-party App to keep tracking you on upcoming events through Google Map. Besides, Google can perform all the functions based on the database which it gathered from the users.  


  • Customization – A Plus Point for Android Users


Customization is one of the attracting “reasons why should you choose Android over iOS”. Android users can swap their lock screens and the launchers very often to experience a different style. You can even change the whole user interface by a different launcher in Android. But in iOS, it doesn’t give the same freedom level as Android does give. Here, you can set the background in iOS, but there is limited support for widgets. Android allows you to use the Third-party apps as your default option, but iOS doesn’t. So, if you are creative and want to experience different styles and lock screens, then Android is the best platform for you.


  • Android is a Real Multi-tasker – Multi-Window Feature


As iOS is multi-tasking by switching application, you can do multiple things at the same time. Various tasks can even also run in the background and you can be able to access your Device when you’re on a call. But this is not enough feature for the demanding users.

With these features, Android also introduce ‘Multi-Window’ feature which helps you to interact with two apps and you can view two apps simultaneously at the same time. Android users can only experience this awesome feature.


  • Battery Life and Charging – Android is the Winner


It is difficult to compare these two platforms because these two use completely different Hardware. Moreover, both offer Power-save mode which helps to prolong your battery-life but its working principle is more customizable in Android.

iOS device’s like iPhone 8, 8 plus and iPhone X has a feature of fast-charging and wireless charging. But you have to buy the adopter separately which is quite costly. On the other hand, the adopter is given in the box of an Android Smartphone.


  • Email – Gmail is Better than iOS Mail


The default Email app of both Android and iOS is easy to use. You can use multiple email accounts and view all messages in a single inbox. But, Gmail is more popular and reliable Email service provider than the iOS’ Mail. Here, adding email addresses from different providers in Gmail can be done easily. So, Gmail is the ultimate winner.   


  • Cloud Services – Android’s Cloud Storage is More Effective than iCloud


When it comes to automatic backup and Cloud storage, Apple is still lagging. Google Drive provides 15GB of space and cross-platform support. On the other hand, iCloud just offers a 5GB of space and it works only with Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Google Drive is easier to use and more effective in this respect than iCloud. You can be able to use Google Drive even on an iPhone, but iCloud only works in iOS.  


  • Rooting, Jailbreaking and Bootloaders – Easy to root an Android Smartphone


If you want complete control over your smartphone and root access then Rooting is the only path you can use. You can access more apps by rooting. You can increase your Device’s speed and battery with it. Sometimes, Android offers a path to unlock the Bootloader.

iOS is completely different from Android. It introduces Jailbreaking which helps you to download and install apps from other App stores. So, we can see that Android gives more advantages to users.


  • Affordability – Android Smartphone is cheaper than iPhone


iOS device is always costly like iPhone X’s starting price is 3673.15 AED, but there are a huge variety of Smartphones in different prices where Android is used. You can also get cheaper Android smartphones from various companies. So, Android can provide smartphones with lots of features cheaper than iOS Device.


  • Map – Android Provides a Default Navigation App


As the newer navigation system, Apple map does not have a great start. Apple map doesn’t provide even the cycling directions. Android’s Google Map is more detailed than the Apple Map. So, in this section, Android beats iOS in the best way.

Although, It is very difficult to compare these two.  But, undoubtedly Android keeps moving towards a new level of technology with astonishing features in their devices. Hope this article has provided you enough information to get a better clarification about the usage of Andriod over iOS. In case of any other opinion let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is iOS Safer than Android?

Yes, iOS is safer than Android as it does not make API’s available for developers. iOS has fewer vulnerabilities than Android.

2. How can you change your Android System to iOS?

You have to follow the below installation steps to change it.

  • First, you have to browse to from your Android Device.
  • Then, tap the “Dual-Boot iOS” button which you find at the bottom.
  • After that, just wait for the system to install.
  • Now, it is ready and you can use a new iOS 8 system on your Android Device.

3. Is Android more powerful than iOS?

Android is slightly different on devices from different companies, but iOS devices are uniform. Android is elegant, accessible and customizable. So, Android gives more power to its user.

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