Effectively Fix 403 Forbidden Error In WordPress: Connect With Our Experts And Avail Class Apart Services

Effectively Fix 403 Forbidden Error In WordPress: Connect With Our Experts And Avail Class Apart Services

403 Forbidden Error In WordPress

The 403 Forbidden error code is mainly shown when the server does not allow you to access a specific page. It appears when the server tries to use an ErrorDocument to process the request. You can face 403 forbidden error code in many scenarios. Sometimes, the error code is shown while logging into the WordPress. This type of codes is also shown during WordPress installation. If you do not have the authorization to access the page, then also this code is shown. It is the most irritating error that a beginner can come across while using WordPress.

If you encounter 403 forbidden error in WordPress, then do not worry as we are going to discuss some different ways to fix the forbidden error code. Take a look at the some of the most basic issues and their best possible solutions.

Major Causes For The 403 Forbidden Error To Appear In WordPress

There are many reasons for your WordPress to show this kind of errors. Here, we are going to discuss some of the general reasons for this error.

  1. A bad configuration in the security plugin can be a major reason for your WordPress to show this error. If the security plugin is poorly configured, then it can block all the IP addresses, believing them to be malicious.
  2. It can also occur when you try to access a corrupt file on the WordPress.
  3. Sometimes, the WordPress configuration automatically changes itself. Therefore, it can also be a significant reason for your WordPress to show 403 forbidden error.

Amazing Solutions To Fix 403 forbidden nginx error in WordPress

Here, we are going to discuss how to resolve 403 forbidden error in WordPress.It is always recommended to create a back up before you try to apply any kind of solutions to fix the error.

If you have a backup that can be accessed, then you may try to apply these solutions to fix the errors.

  • Resolve 403 error caused by a plugin:

The first step is to deactivate the WordPress plugins. It will disable all the security plugins present in the WordPress.

If this step fixes your issue, that means the error was mainly caused due to security plugins. Now, by reactivating each plugin one by one, you can quickly detect the plugin responsible for this error.

  • Fix the error caused by .htaccess file:

Sometimes, .htaccess file can also be a leading cause for this error. But fixing this issue is quite easy compared to other problems.

The first thing you need to do is to connect to the website using an FTP client. You can also connect by using the file manager in the control panel. Go to the root folder of the WordPress and search for the .htaccess file. Now, try to download the .htaccess file for a fresh backup.  You can easily delete the old access file from your computer.

If the error code is not solved, then you need to follow the other solution as mentioned below.

  • Fix the error caused by file permissions in the WordPress:

At times, wrong file permission can be a major cause of 403 forbidden error. Due to incorrect file permission, the web server does not grant permission to access the files. Contact your WordPress provider and ask them to check for correct file permissions. But we recommend you not to change the permissions on your own.

Then, try to find the root folder containing all the files. Select the folder as well as select the file permission. The folders present on the WordPress have file permission of 744 or 755. Now, click on ok after checking the box and select the option to Recurse into subdirectories and to apply to the directories. After that, repeat the process for all files and finally, click on ok.

Dial our helpline number and connect with us for solving 403 forbidden error in WordPress

We understand the importance of your website in today’s modern generation. Call us at the helpline number and get connected to our tech executives instantly. We are available 24*7 to assist our customers. We also have a live chat portal where you can directly chat with our tech experts.  You can also email us on our official email ID. Our experts will reply you within 24 hours and will make sure to draw a smile on your face by delivering our quality solutions.

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