Opt for WordPress Website Development in Dubai: Advantages of Hiring Developers to Convert HTML to WordPress

Opt for WordPress Website Development in Dubai: Advantages of Hiring Developers to Convert HTML to WordPress

WordPress Website Development UAE

WordPress Website Development UAEPreviously, websites were designed with static HTML codes. This was the traditional approach to designing websites. But the styles and scripts coded with HTML frameworks became the reason behind the slowing down of the websites. Therefore, arises the need of another platform for designing websites. The web developers came up with an innovative HTML-to-WordPress conversion technique.

Presently, with so many CMSs in the market, WordPress needs no introduction. It is undoubtedly the most efficient open source tool used for website creation which is written in HTML. This platform has succeeded in surpassing many leading technologies like Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, etc. With so many useful features and benefits, it has become the perfect platform for blogging and website creation.

If you have old websites with static functionalities and no advanced features, then it is of no use whatsoever. So, if you want to convert your HTML website to WordPress website, then your website can become dynamic and your business will grow fast as well.

Ultimate Benefits of Converting HTML Websites to WordPress Websites

Ultimate Benefits of Converting HTML Websites to WordPress Websites

WordPress is the powerhouse of more than 70 million websites around the world. It lets the developers create websites as per their requirements and business goals. One of the main benefits of converting your business website to WordPress is that you don’t have to spend money on purchasing this software. As it is an open-source website development platform, you don’t have to worry about its creative limitations.

Listed below are some of the reasons for switching to this platform from HTML:

1. SEO-Friendly Websites for Complementary Advertisement

From the SEO point of view, WordPress is considered the best because it has been built to enhance search engines. Its easy navigation and easy to use features make it SEO-friendly. It guides search engine crawlers to move smoothly over every category, blog and page for gathering the required information.

Apart from this, WordPress also offers a number of security features which help the users to optimize the websites as per the SEO guidelines. It fulfills the ultimate aim of creating business websites by getting higher rankings in search engines and strengthening your online presence over the internet. In fact, there are also outstanding plugins available which make your WordPress website more SEO-friendly. If you are interested in WordPress website development in Dubai, then interact with an expert team.

2. A Dynamic CMS

The early HTML websites were static with lines of hard codes and lots of pages. Each page on the site is equal to one HTML file with the same layout and design. On the other hand, WordPress websites are quite easy to create, update and manage. For all these reasons, WordPress websites have got preference over the static HTML website design services. Originally, WordPress was developed solely for the purpose of publishing along with a lot of embedded functions in it. All these features make it a dynamic CMS platform.

3. Personalized and Customized websites

The best thing about using WordPress CMS is that it is greatly personalized and not made only for the experts. Even if you are a beginner in WordPress, you can easily start without any difficulty. It possesses a user learning curve where you get a variety of options for editing and modifying from the website. In fact, all these settings are very much clear from the dashboard as well as from the Admin panel. Another advantage of using WordPress is that it takes much less time in creating customized websites as per your requirement. That is the reason why the web developers prefer to work with it. If you want to create personalized and customized websites, then get in touch with a reliable team for WordPress website development in Dubai.

4. Unlimited themes and plugins to customize

WordPress offers its users the freedom to customize the websites as per their requirement. They can customize the websites with a variety of themes and designs available on the platform to make it more appealing. Even it offers the users with a thousand free and exclusive templates for creating websites depending upon the business preferences. You can even modify and edit the looks and functionalities of your website with the designs and themes of your choice. Also, there is an option of choosing premium WordPress themes through which you can accomplish the website as per your demand. With the huge database of plugins and themes, you can easily add and modify functionalities of your website.

5. WordPress is easy to use

As WordPress CMS consists of a number of additional plugins and themes, they are quite easy to use and thus makes your job of website development much easier. It is also supported by a vibrant community which is available 24*7. The additional themes and plugins help in providing your website a definite look. Along with that, it also helps in adding definitive features to the websites. One of the prominent reasons why various beginners prefer using the WordPress platform is that coding is much easier here, and it is not that much technical. Even these easy to use and intuitive features of this platform make the websites more search-friendly.

6. Huge Community of Developers

As WordPress is an open-source platform, more and more users opt for it and even some of them contribute to this platform. Even the developers also keep on updating this platform with the new releases and the current trends. WordPress has also got a vibrant community behind it which supports the beginners and even guide them. Thus, the continuous support from the vibrant community provides an exceptional experience for the new users.

If you want your business to grow substantially, then the ultimate solution is to have a dynamic WordPress website. In this ever-changing competitive business world, switching from HTML to WordPress is greatly beneficial. Thus, whether you want to create websites for startup companies or for the big companies, WordPress is an ideal choice. It offers you an easy medium to create a stunning website and that too with negligible efforts. Even, the WordPress dashboard is also quite user-friendly and intuitive. Therefore. if you are looking for a professional for converting HTML to WordPress, then opt for expert WordPress website development in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

HTML is actually the markup language used for displaying the web pages. In order to create a website, technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript are needed. While HTML websites have all the contents in the static files, CMS software such as WordPress uses the database for storing as well as retrieving contents.

If you use WordPress, you can use the Visual Editor for basic posts and you can also use the toolbars for adding links, formatting texts and images. Moreover, you can also go to the top right of the editor field and can easily switch to the Text view. Even you can also use standard HTML commands instead.

If you want to manually convert your static HTML site to the WordPress site, then you need to go through the steps provided below:

  • At first, create a New Theme Folder and Necessary Files
  • On your desktop, you need to create a new folder for holding your theme files
  • Then, copy the existing CSS into the new Stylesheet
  • After that, separate your current HTML and finalize your Index.php file
  • Next, you need to upload your new theme

You can do so from the dashboard editor of WordPress. For that, you need to go to Appearance. Then, choose the Editor option in the dashboard and then select the child theme that you have activated. Then, if you want to change a template file, it is essential to copy the file to your child theme.

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