Customize Your Website Using Unique Themes & Features with WordPress Website Development in Dubai

Customize Your Website Using Unique Themes & Features with WordPress Website Development in Dubai

Customize Your Website Using Unique Themes & Features with Wordpress

Customize Your Website Using Unique Themes of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most used open source website creation tools which is designed using PHP. It is considered as the simplest and most powerful tool for blogging and website content management system. Using it, developers can easily create anything from a small vlog to fully functional eCommerce portals. For developing a web application, you don’t need any expert coding skills as there are thousands of predesigned templates available for download, Anyone can download these templates and modify them according to his requirements.

Using the WordPress service is mostly like making your own blog and doing the necessary configurations. Such services include different parts like customization, optimizing security measures, multi-site functioning and many more relevant jobs. That’s why, it is always better to get some expert assistance while developing a website using WordPress. There are various WordPress website development companies in Dubai that can help you out. As a beginner, you can simply install some nice looking themes and also add some content via the friendly backend. But when you want get the taste of premium features, then surely a professional guidance will do the trick.

Is WordPress Website Development Easy?

Is WordPress Website Development Easy

Usually, the small business owners always settle down to one point which is the budget. They always wish to bring out the best of their business without investing a huge amount of financial resources form their pocket. When it comes to saving money, the business owners deal with the job of editing and updating their websites by themselves and sometimes, it can turn out to be a disaster. So, one should get these jobs done with the right and efficient development team. This can turn out to be a smart strategy for your business website development.

Well, sometimes, it gets harder to manage or add content to your current website if your web developer have designed it in a complicated manner. It is not an easy task to manage or add content on your website on your own without having the relevant knowledge. But the thing about website development that you can easily grab on to is WordPress. It is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in use today that has been controlling a substantial amount of the marketplace. So, this has given the WordPress services a great boost due to which it has outrun other web development services.

WordPress achieved such popularity because its easy handling features make wonderful websites. You can think of WordPress as something similar to a modular home or something like that because you can find all the pieces you need for website development. But at one point, you might require a certain level of expertise for which you can get professional WordPress website development in Dubai. Thus, it will help you to accomplish the job in a time-effective manner by knowing the nuances and tricks to putting the site together.

A basic assembly approach will not be enough to make your small business to grasp a huge number of customers in a short time. For that, you need to step into the digital market by developing a website and update it with proper customization tools regularly.

Why is WordPress Considered to be the Best for Business Website Development?

If you create a website using the WordPress platform, then it is easy to access the functionalities of the website simply by installing the plugins. There are a number of plugins and themes available in WordPress which make the web development process easy to the developer. WordPress is a time-saving and biggest community support; 80% people are using PHP and WordPress. So, all kinds of issues by community support and WordPress allow thousands of free templates and plugins for website development. WordPress provides free security as well as premium security with the lowest price. It is better for clients also; they can manage websites easily because there is no need to know programming languages.

Thus, in case you’re willing to present your business digitally with the help of a website, then choosing WordPress CMS and building WordPress websites is the best choice for you. Now, let’s have a look at some of the benefits you can get by using WordPress web development services:

Open Source Platform and Free to Use

Basically, WordPress is an open source CMS platform that one can get easily because it doesn’t require any money primarily. Most of the top companies like Time, TechCrunch etc. rely on WordPress when it comes to taking care of their Content Management Services and it is beneficial for its free accessibility. And, the added advantage of WordPress is that you can freely use other plugins of higher features and functions. This will really save a lot of cash which you can further invest on the promoting and marketing purposes of your WordPress website.

Free Availability of Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins

When you have thousands of themes and more than 55,000 plugins at your disposal, it gets a lot easier to give your business website the attractive and unique look which will definitely turn the customers towards your site. Not just the looks, it also helps you manage the additional functionality and features that you want for your WordPress website. A number of high profile websites like those of Sweden, BBC America etc. proficiently use WordPress services while designing their high-tech and eye-catching websites. Apart from this, you’ll be glad to know that many of the WordPress themes are customizable. This makes it even better to decorate your website with colors, fonts and formatting structures as per your requirements.

Easy to Publish, Edit and Update Content Using WordPress

The WordPress content management system is very appropriate for those who want to bring out profit daily from their work like writers, store owners, photographers, video producers etc. And, this becomes more efficient because it doesn’t require you to be a professional coder. That’s why, one can easily publish their productive blogs or add photos which do not require any sort of technical knowledge. It’s kind of like making a text document or a slideshow. You can share your videos and other audio podcasts effectively with the help of the correct plugins. For making any changes to the content like editing or updating the topic, you just need to go to the post, make your changes and click the Update button.


WordPress is SEO-Friendly

When you’re designing a website for your business, the first thing you’ll want is that the public should easily find the posts, products or information they need. Well, this issue is solved with the help of WordPress web development services. It maintains your website so that it becomes easy for the search engines to trace it and which helps you to refine your content’s title tags and meta descriptions without any critical coding technique. Such tags and relevant optimized structure makes it easier for the SEO crawlers to understand the subject of your content. You can find many other SEO plugins which also have their own special functionalities that can improve the SEO relation of the WordPress site.

Responsiveness of WordPress Makes Your Content Mobile-Ready

The mobile devices play a major role when it comes to digital marketing and promotion. Today, 50% of the website traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. Therefore, it is necessary that the content you’re uploading on your WordPress website should also be accessible on mobile devices properly. Be it any images, text, reviews, product catalogs, videos etc., each and every thing should be effectively available on the customer’s mobile phones or tablets. The mobile-optimized WordPress site helps your content to be displayed correctly on the mobile device and also it can enhance the loading speed which is a must. Hence, it will become more comfortable for the viewers to reach your contents on the website through the mobile phone.

Easily Set Up Your Online Store

If you want your business to grow in the digital market, then you need to establish an online store i.e. an e-commerce site where you’ll be able to sell your most valuable content and items. In this scenario comes the free WordPress plugin named WooCommerce that can set up a mobile-friendly catalog and product pages with huge conversion ratios. It comes with different types of extensions regarding payment gateways, product shipping, and social media which will definitely be useful for boosting up your sales and profit quickly.

Future Aspects of WordPress Website Development

WordPress one of the easiest and updated technologies of this era. Although business owners can themselves make a website, it is a tedious task to do the same, forcing a massive number of business owners to hire numerous WordPress developers for development and maintenance of a website.

WordPress web development services will be good as long as they have both frontend and backend skills. You need to have some full stack developer skills or it’ll be best to hire the experts available in the market. But WordPress is not going away anytime soon, and AI or robots or automated software will not replace WordPress designers and developers anytime soon either. And since WordPress is currently the most popular CMS, we would conclude that the future for WordPress developers is very good.

When we talk about WordPress UI future, think of the context of scrolling. This will happen due to the increase in the use of mobile phones and more users shifting to mobile browsing. Endless scrolling is being preferred by web developers and IT professionals recommend having scrolling buttons as it provides better user experiences with minimum efforts while browsing. It also helps in increasing the overall speed of browsing the website in comparison to clicking on the buttons when an entire page loads.

We can already see this among websites. Gradually, more website will be doing this. Also, there are many WordPress themes that provide a structure for full background images and video integration to the website layout. They work wonders, grab the attention of the user for longer spans and also drive further interaction. It helps in the creation of simplistic designs and elaborative content. Furthermore, we will see the use of videos that offer self-explanatory experiences so that the users do not waste time reading.

Giving directions while navigation sounds good. This engages the audience and also leaves an impression in their minds. Voice controls are slowly gaining popularity making WordPress website development a necessity and there are also many themes that are aiming to provide voice controls. It is indeed going to be a part of the future innovations.

Hence, you can build your website using WordPress CMS as it is the perfect option that will make your website easy to manage, easy to update, easy to edit, SEO friendly, and responsive which will make you different from other competitors. You can get all the benefits and services mentioned earlier in this article and that too without paying much. The useful plugins and extensions will help you to design your dream e-commerce website that will rank on top of all. Undoubtedly, we can assure you that WordPress web development services will guide you to the way of success for your e-commerce business.


1. How to use WordPress to build a website?

  • Log in to your hosting account.
  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Look for the “WordPress” or “Website” icon.
  • Select the particular domain where you want to install your website.

2. How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?

If you wish to create a fully functional WordPress website, then you can get your job done within 367.32 AED. Specifically, if you want to know about the costs of WordPress website on low budget, you’ll need to pay about 55.06 AED per year to purchase a domain name and for web hosting, it’ll cost around 29.35 AED per month.

3. What is WordPress web design?

It is an open source platform that is considered to be one of the best content management systems. To build feature-rich, highly-dynamic websites, WordPress is used and it also focuses on brand differentiation and engagement.

4. How long does it require to create a WordPress website?

It will take only a few mouse clicks and your WordPress website is ready to roll! Naturally, the time to create a proper functioning WordPress site depends on the requirements that the owner has. So, there is no such fix timing but on an average, it might take around 6 to 80 hours for designing a website using WordPress.


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