5 Excellent Steps to Build a Company Brand in Dubai

5 Excellent Steps to Build a Company Brand in Dubai

A well recognized and celebrated brand serves as a huge asset that a company owns since most customers cherish using products belonging to popular or, rather, familiar brands. A brand identity is a company’s expression of its trademark, communications as well as visual appearance. And establishing a brand identity opens up the communication channel with the world. This also incorporates uniqueness, that is, it sets your company distinctively apart from the competing crowd. Hence, establishing a brand identity motivates and triggers people to connect and engage with you. And maintaining such recognition in the UAE is also pretty challenging.

The business hub of the entire Middle East, Dubai, possesses plenty of opportunities if you overcome the critical part of establishing the brand. But, that is not easy and, obviously, doesn’t happen at once. Significant strategies are key to the recognition process. In Dubai, the largest city of commerce in the United Arab Emirates, building a company brand is an instrumental choice as the economy is dependent largely on aviation, trade, tourism as well as real estate. And if you desire to set up an exclusive brand that stands distinct from the remaining competitors, you must possess uniqueness. However, there are certain essential ways adhering to which religiously, lets you establish your company brand in Dubai. But, prior to all those, you must familiarize yourself with what exactly a brand is.

What is a Company Brand?

To cut short and come to the main point in order to define it perfectly, we can say that it is determined by a consumer’s comprehensive perception of your company’s business. A triumphant brand must maintain consistency in experience and communication across multiple applications. And proper communication involves the environment, that is the office, then comes printing and packaging, content marketing and social media, website and online advertisement, sales and customer services.

However, the ongoing effort in the operation results in maintaining a long-term association with your customers. Also, this can result in a gradual increase in sales, word-of-mouth referrals, more projects as well as advocacy for your services and products. Let us guide you on it by mentioning certain paths to take in order to create a company brand.

5 Incredible Steps to Create a Company Brand in Dubai


  1. Define your Brand
  2. Know your Market as well as Competition
  3. Form an Effective Messaging Guide
  4. Create a Persuasive Logo
  5. Trademark your Company Brand

I have presented a step-by-step guide in order to simplify the operation. But, note that it is quite challenging and hence requires complete dedication. Although the steps appear quite intimidating, you can achieve the objective as we did. And we guarantee you the results that you desire since our firsthand experience with it is quite satisfying. However, if your brand is in the initial phases or is planning to rebrand, follow the tips mentioned below. Read the 5 steps to build a company brand which is capable of competing in a vibrant economic ambiance like Dubai.

  1. Define your Brand

While forming a company brand, the complex-most portion is the way you determine your brand. And it is mainly about the aspect that makes your organization a Company. This involves tangibles as well as intangibles as logos, website, tagline, employees, your principles as well as values. Knowledge of all these makes it apparent for others to recognize your identity as a company. Also, this makes them learn what you are capable of offering them.

An organization possessing a well-defined brand bears the potential to excel in the long run. Also, it is reflective of the entities involved, that is the executives who are well aware of what the organization is about. The employees, as well as immediate supervisors who embody the brand itself, also reflect the well-defined brand. Along with them, comes the customers as well who expect what you guaranteed them.

  1. Know your Market as well as Competition

In an economic context where commercial competition is booming, like in Dubai, learning the target market is extremely necessary for establishing your brand. In such a manner, you get to know what marketing strategies to employ. Also, you will succeed in determining how you can utilize the current competition. Tourism and aviation, for instance, function complementarily. In case you know that such industries are devoid of intimidating competitors, it becomes your predicament to take advantage of the situation, as a business person, and observe it as an opportunity. Therefore, your market is passengers or tourists who require aviation services, flight bookings as well as hotel accommodations.

  1. Form an Effective Messaging Guide

As a section of communicating and promoting your brand across several media channels such as tabloids, online, advertisements, and television, a messaging lead renders its suitable language. This involves statements, taglines as well as product and services description. While on the other side, descriptions of products appear principally on print advertisements along with television advertisements employing a memorable tagline. However, communicating and facilitating your brand builds a significant edge and contributes to the business’ success. You also gain the capability to create an impression that the brand you own is effective and bold and that it reaches more people via messaging guidelines.

  1. Create a Persuasive Logo

Logos are the primary point which attracts customers and defines your company. An essential aspect, company logos have the ability to represent the organization. Hence, establish your brand identity by creating an attractive and catchy trademark to fetch plenty of customers. The style, colors, and design matter a lot and hence, emphasize them better. Employ the essential elements required in creating an impressive logo and seek professional assistance, if need be. A sophisticated and professional looking logo succeeds in marketing your services well.

  1. Trademark your Company Brand

Potential unsuitable usage of your brand renders sufficient reason to have a label or trademark. This helps you in avoiding copyright issues as well as plagiarism. Therefore, the segments that you must safeguard are your tagline, logo design, and your company name. By establishing a trademark, you also present an impression of high credibility. This indicates that users and customers label your brand as valuable as well as trustworthy.

Nowadays, most buyers are critical thinkers. This signifies that your services are being tallied and compared with other competitors. And for this reason, your trademark is one of the initial and primary considerations.

Investing in such a developing economy as Dubai, provided you respect certain aspects, yields you enough profit and success in return. Hence, proceed with dedication and you too will be able to build your company brand in Dubai. And for becoming visible to an investor who can fetch you unparalleled profits, it is essential for you to establish a strong company brand. Hence, maintain your determination and you must succeed only.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you create a business brand?

There are certain necessary steps that build a business brand and must be taken care of to achieve the objective. An impressive logo design is capable of fetching the specific customers that you find relevant. Also, there are other significant ways which must be looked after like maintaining clarity and transparency with your customers. Developing a tagline and forming a voice for your organization which represents your brand are also necessary. Also, be true to the brand you hold and maintain consistency.

  1. How do you create a brand online?

You can also build a brand online but it requires several important segments that you must cater to. First and foremost, all you need to do is conduct prior research into the audience you desire to target. Also, this involves a thorough study of your competitors and their company as well. Then, proceed to determine your personality and focus. After that, pick a business name and create a slogan that speaks for your ideas. Also, you must choose an impressive appearance of your brand which involves both fonts and colors. Design your logo which has the potential to attract customers. Hence, create it wisely. Then, employ the branding throughout your business which stimulates its growth.

  1. How do you become a brand?

You must be capable of marketing yourself. A brand seeks a body who is capable of representing its values as well as personality. Also, you must focus on building followers as well as keeping them engaged. A cohesive appeal is also a significant aspect. Perceive and attempt to understand the guidelines. And remember to conduct your organization in a professional manner which creates an impression of superiority. This also attracts customers and makes them rely on your ideas and services.

  1. How long does it take to build a brand?

Talking about the time it takes to develop a brand, it varies. Every business possesses diverse needs and has various ways of approach. But, the time it takes, if cultivated properly, yields promising results. Developing visual identities and logo design can take about 4 to 5 weeks. Whereas, website development and designing can take plenty of time escalating up to 4 to 5 months. And for even critical web development, it can take about 6 to 8 months.

  1. How does one build a strong brand?

A strong brand requires several sections to attend to. One must conduct a thorough brand audit to build a powerful brand identity. Then, you must set your distinctive value proposition as well as messaging statements. You must develop the creative elements of your brand. Also, you should implement certain strategies to set as well as maintain brand recognition.

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