A Complete Guide on how to market an ecommerce website in Dubai UAE

A Complete Guide on how to market an ecommerce website in Dubai UAE

how to market an ecommerce website in Dubai UAE

 how to market an ecommerce website in Dubai UAE

With the drastic changes and upcoming advancements in the world, ecommerce, and online shopping has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Nowadays, more and more people believe that they get a better deal of products online rather than in brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, one of the most profitable moves in ecommerce is creating an ecommerce site. But just innovative and unique creation is not enough, you also need to know how to market it properly because if it fails in marketing properly, then the site will fail drastically due to lack of new customers.

Often it is found that a lot of young entrepreneurs fails to put sufficient effort in the marketing strategies and thus after some days their site fails to rank. If you don’t want to be a part of those failed entrepreneurs, then focus on the effective tricks and tactics that will help in marketing your ecommerce websites.

Top Marketing strategies that are essential for your ecommerce business:

For every successful running of ecommerce business, it is important to keep updated with the current trends and techniques of marketing. Luckily, we have provided you with some essential marketing strategies after being tried and used several times, which will prove beneficial for marketing your ecommerce business.

1.    Create a content marketing strategy

Without effective planning, it is not possible to successfully run ecommerce business. So before you plan to start an ecommerce business, you need to create a list of all the methods that you are planning to use for reaching out to more and more customers, through blog posts, newsletters or videos. By putting this strategy, you should check and evaluate on a timely basis that how this strategy is working in building an audience. It is important to optimize your ecommerce website so that it can rank high on search engines, generate more traffic and more sales. Thus, you should hire a capable and reliable marketing ecommerce website development company in Dubai, that can implement different SEO elements to optimize your website so that you can easily check your company name in Google

2.    Diversify your ecommerce platform with social media tactics

When it comes to social media platforms, it is tough to decide which one works best for the respective market. With the right demographic and proper platform in social media, you can reach out to more customers within less time and less investment. You can easily spread your content on these social media platforms to promote your business. At the same time, you can use the different social media analytics tools to identify which works best for your ecommerce website development in Dubai. Undoubtedly social media presence is one of the best ways to connect with more and more customers.

3.    Focus on creating original contents and put effective personalization strategy

One of the most focused elements of ecommerce marketing is to create original contents for your business tasks. If your contents like eBooks, videos, blog posts, etc.  will be unique and original, it will build a strong connection with the customers. Besides, it also helps in building your ecommerce website a knowledge base for those who are interested to know about your market.

Another important element of any ecommerce business is personalization. It is significant to give your brand a face, associated with one or more than one faces because no one will spend money on or keep their trust in a faceless company. By personalizing your company, you can address the peoples and make them feel special by sending out videos and images about your company through emails.

4.    Use native languages of the customers to reach them

For any ecommerce business, it is common that they can sell their items globally. It is better if you provide translation features to your online store, then you can even reach out to foreign customers. For the sake of people, there are so many ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce templates and WordPress themes, which offer translation settings. So that those who do not understand your language can also reach and connect with your company.

5.    Make websites mobile-friendly and mobile advertising

Nowadays, more and more people are accessing websites through their smartphones. So, it’s better to implement a responsive interface to your ecommerce website. This will help to reach out more audience who are busy in their life. Also, you can create customized apps for your ecommerce business and advertise through mobile-ready ads for connecting more customers to your online store. This will help them to connect with you from anywhere and from any place.

6.    Provide online discussion areas and focus on Local branding

Building a community on your ecommerce store is a good way to improve the authority and reliability of your brand. Thus, along with the user-generated contents, one should also provide an authoritative discussion platform which includes, chat areas, forums and message boards. This works in a unique way of creating brand awareness.

It’s quite reasonable and effectual to focus on local branding and marketing, especially if your marketing has dealings with a brick and mortar store. With the help of local search engine targeting and geolocation tools, your ecommerce store will reach out to the customers near you.

7.    Pack your contents with photos and videos related to the products

There is no doubt that people prefer to read those articles and click on those links which seems more attractive. So, in order to make your content look attractive, you should pack it with original professional pictures. This will gain the interest of the customers. Another easy way to connect with the customers is put your focus on making how-to videos and tutorials. As YouTube channels have become a center of attraction of people nowadays, it is the best way to make a connection with the customers.  You can make videos on how your business products can be used and how it’s different from others. This audio-visual medium works a lot in marketing as it provides the users with enough information within a short period of time. Thus, these videos help the customers to bring them to your store and they also feel confident about the product which they are purchasing from you.

8.    Post on a regular basis

Once if you get ready with a good social media presence and enough quality content, you can easily develop your own social communities. You can simply do it by spending 1 or 2 hours on the internet by posting blogs and contents related to your brand on a regular basis and answering questions on different social media sites. Blogs are the most cost-effective ways to attract target audience to your website, f your website sells a specific type of merchandise. Even you can check out the engagement levels and compare the other competitive posts at frequent intervals. Moreover, by posting blogs regularly, you can also test the optimal frequency with your followers.

9.    Invest in a good PR

Another significant marketing strategy which works wonder for your business in Dubai is to share your news related to the business with the rest of the world. This you can do by generating press releases and publishing them on different social media and news platforms. On the other hand, if you know some journalists who work on online publications, then it’s an immense profit. You can contact them for sharing your business story on online platforms to attract new customers. A good story for launching your business takes only a few seconds to drive countless customers to your site.

10.    Manage the reputation of your business

Most of the customers nowadays trust online user’s recommendations and reviews. Whatever the products you are selling and manufacturing, there are so many websites on the Internet which says few good or bad words about it. Also, you can track your reviews on a timely basis that whether you are getting positive or negative criticism about your products.

In addition to this, you can also ask the bloggers to write about your products and vloggers to make videos reviews on the products. This will not only raise your brand awareness but also increase your site’s visibility. They will more likely expose your product by giving a glowing review of your business products.

Thus, it has become clear that marketing on a search engine is not an easy task. It is quite time-consuming and challenging, so you have to make sure that every marketing strategy that you put should be executed in the right way. These useful tactics will not only jumpstart your ecommerce business but also make you more satisfied in the end. In today’s world, ecommerce business and marketing has become more competitive, so it is essential that you make continuous efforts to generate more sales, increase more revenue and take your business to a new height.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to boost sales within your ecommerce site, then you should improve trust within your funnel. Also, you can use email marketing, implement upsells and make your checkout process quite simpler. Another method to increase sales is to showcase the benefits of your products.

Some effective ways to increase customer engagement is to enable your website for customer reviews and feedback and provide easy access to information. In addition to this, you can increase account creations, pair requests with rewards, offer loyalty programs, keep track of special days and provide special offers on that days and try to engage unhappy customers and give them positive feedback.

In order to increase traffic to your ecommerce site, you can start blogging, grow your customer’s lists, and also launch your referral program. Moreover, you can also work with influencers to influence your potential buyers. Apart from that, you can also link your website with social media for getting more response from the customers.

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