Know the Best CSS Award Websites that are Suitable for Submitting Your Designs and Getting Listed

Know the Best CSS Award Websites that are Suitable for Submitting Your Designs and Getting Listed

Know the Best CSS Award Websites

Know the Best CSS Award Websites

In order to design the best websites in Dubai, UAE, you can now browse the best CSS galleries which consist of numerous themes. Most of the people look for themes that has won an award. One of the most effective tricks that stands out in theme submission is not to have anything in common. This will help your design to be unique by pattern within itself. So, if you are wondering about which are the best CSS award websites in order to submit the design and get listed, then take help from this article. Here, we are going to discuss the top CSS Award websites that will help you to get listed effectively.

List of the Best Websites where You can Successfully Submit Your Designs

1. CSS Design House

If you want an opportunity to attract hundreds of hourly unique visitors around the globe, then CSS Design House is your ideal choice. They are composed of a number of popular websites which are specially evaluated by their design experts. Therefore, to get the directory of business that will help to find you, at first, you have to submit your theme. The time taken for approval is nearly about 24 hours. Another essential part of the CSS design house is that it offers 100% free submission. However, no guarantee can be provided for approval as only high quality websites and agencies are qualified. So, be patient and get the best professionals in Dubai, UAE to get your websites listed.

2. Awwwards

When the concern is designers, agencies, and bloggers, then Awwwards is one of the most popular companies in Dubai, UAE. The team consists of renowned professionals, designers and developers that help in evaluating the talent with hardcore efforts to give the best theme. There are 4 sections for the selection criteria which includes 40% points for Design, 30% points for Creativity, 20% points for Usability and 10% points for Content. After the design of your website is approved, it is then sent to the 12 members of the Jury. The voting process continues for 5 consecutive days and the site with the highest scorer will be considered as the SOTD ( Site of the day).

3. CSS Design Awards

Being an International Web Design and Development Awards platform, CSS Design Awards provides unique opportunities for the freelance designers, studios, and agencies. Here, people are encouraged to go beyond the boundaries of Creativity, Usability, Functionality, and Content. A specific score is awarded to the sites that are already being approved. Based on the previous seven days’ score, a promotion is offered on the next available date. Besides this, the sites that receive a maximum number of “Website of the Day” are referred to as the excellent one. And the highest ranking website is then declared as the “Website of the Month”. At the end of the year, scores and ranks are evaluated and then the best site is honored with the best-in-class award.

4. CSS Winner

CSS Winner has the sole purpose of promoting innovative developers, web designers, and agencies. During each submission, there are 6 designer laureates who keep a close watch in order to make the selection criteria more transparent. More votes from the judging panel are provided for the websites that compete best with Appealing Features, Aesthetics, Clarity in understanding and Uniqueness. More than 75% submission is titled as “Site of the Day”. Under the ‘Star’ category falls some of the exceptional work which is next level to nominees.

5. CSS Awards

CSS Awards is a web designer agency in Dubai, UAE that consists of an exceptional gallery where CSS websites of high quality are placed from around the world.  ‘Site of the Day,’ ‘Site of the Month’ and ‘Site of the Year’ certificates are provided on the basis of web design. However, the criteria of design for all websites are different. Checkout which benchmark that you have met after you are ready with the design and then choose the appropriate website that can showcase your work the best.


  1. What is CSS in Web design?

CSS generally stands for Cascading Style Sheets. The primary role of CSS is to describe how HTML elements are to be displayed on screen, paper, or in other media. This is the reason CSS saves a lot of work and can easily control the layout of multiple web pages all at once.

  1. What are the three types of CSS?
  • In a separate file (external)
  • At the top of a web page document (internal)
  • Right next to the text it decorates (inline)
  1. How many types of CSS selectors are there?

While there are many different types of CSS selectors, the main four essential selectors include Type, ID, Class and Descendant selectors.

  1. Which free website builder is the best?


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