5 Brilliant Software Testing Trends that will make a Difference in 2019

5 Brilliant Software Testing Trends that will make a Difference in 2019

software testing trends 2019

Change is the only constant! In order to thrive successfully in this realm where the competition is tough, new bearings and trends have arrived. The advancement of technology with time doesn’t arrive in the market simply without thorough and proper testing. Yes, the software that you operate on to go through rigorous testing sessions which explores for loopholes and problems in the programs. Or else, the application may crash and surface frequently thereby spoiling your brand name if the unfavourable consistency remains. However, such testing approaches and the trends develop and adapt with upgraded demands. With every year, the trial and experimentation approaches develop to improve efficiency as well as its effectiveness. And this article emphasizes the discussion of the new software testing trends in 2019.

Program testing is an essential focus which aims to bring profitable changes as well as improvements. The practices for testing evolve in order to address the challenges of attaining the consistency in quality as well as the changing complexity of data and systems. However, stick through this entire article in order to know the latest 2019 software testing trends which evaluate and examine software with improved efficiency.

software testing trends 20195 Excellent Software Testing Trends that you Must Know

This year has brought enough changes already, and the development in the software updates is an obvious one among all. The enormous changes in the technological field like the birth of advanced software require certain strong and new approaches for testing. As said earlier, the testing sessions hold immense significance since they have the power to establish as well as ruin your brand services and name too. However, let us go through the essential software testing trends which can benefit your company thereby maintaining the efficiency.

  • Agile and DevOps

Agile, for all organizations, is a solution to the fast developing requirements. On the other hand, DevOps is an essential solution to the unfulfilled demand for speed. The latter encompasses certain practices, processes, tools, and rules which assist in integrating operation functions and developments in order to decrease the time to operations from development. DevOps, with time, has transformed into a widely accepted answer for companies that seek methods to reduce the program lifecycles from development to operation and delivery.

The incorporation of both DevOps and Agile assist the forces to improve and convey quality program faster which, eventually, is termed as ‘Quality of Speed’. Since this adoption promises quality testing, it is one of the convincing software testing trends that will intensify in successive years.

  • Test Automation

Test automation is an essential and inevitable process for making the DevOps implementation effective. The DevOps process and test automation are complementary to each other. However, these are required to seek opportunities in order to replace the manual process with the automated alternative. Because of the fact that test automation is known to be a significant bottleneck of DevOps, it is essential for most regression testing to be automated. Less than 20% of examination or software testing is automated provided the DevOps popularity and the fact that the test automation is used relatively less. There exist plenty of space for enhancing the incorporation of test automation in companies. Several advanced tools, as well as procedures, will arise in the future to grant better utilization of test automation. However, the current popular automation pieces of equipment are Selenium and Katalon.

  • API and Services Test Automation

Isolating the server and the client is an existing trend formulated to design and create both mobile and Web applications. More than one component or application incorporate API and services reusing their operations. Such changes, eventually, demand the teams or forces to examine API and services separately from the programs using them. At times, when API and services are employed through client components and applications, testing and evaluating them is more efficient and productive rather than testing the client. However, the trend states that the requirement for API and services goes on to enhance, probably outpacing that of the functionality employed by the final users on the user-interfaces.

  • Testing by Artificial Intelligence

Although incorporating AI as well as ML in order to address the hindrances in testing software is a commonplace approach, the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning possessing an enormous amount of available data present new opportunities. Such chances to apply the AI or ML in testing yields outstanding inspection results efficiently. Moreover, the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is stagnant in the initial stages. But, companies will find ways and methods for optimizing their evaluation practices in AI and ML. The algorithms of AI and ML are developed in order to generate improved test cases, test data, scripts, and reports. The predictive patterns assist to take decisions regarding the whereabouts and the time to initiate the test. Visualization and Smart analytics support the forces to identify faults, to have a better understanding of test coverage and the sections of high risk, etc. And this makes it one of the essential software testing trends to deliver better performance.

  • Mobile Test Automation

This era has the smartphones dominate all spheres of life. And hence, even the business world is developing and adapting with the transformation in demands. Therefore, the trend of mobile application development is enhancing and celebrating its continuing growth. In order to completely support the DevOps, it is essential for the mobile test automation to be a part of the toolchains of DevOps. However, the existing usage of mobile test automation is extremely low mainly due to devoid of tools and methods. Also, this is a trend which is anticipated to maintain its rising position given the situational demands. However, this trend is impacted by the requirement to reduce time-to-market and more advanced tools and methods essential for mobile test automation.

The users, regardless of their degree of tech savviness enjoy a seamless workflow on software that have been through rigorous inspection and evaluation with the help of fresh and advanced software testing trends. The advanced situation which developed with time demands better performance with every passing moment. And in the technological field similar dynamicity is a must. Hence, people can operate on the programs with convenience, thanks to the promising software testing trends in 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the recent trend in software testing?

There are plenty of latest trends for software testing some of which is DevOps, Digital Transformation with Agile, Shift to Quality Engineering from QA, and API and Micro Services test automation.

  • What are testing technologies?

A software or program testing procedure basically aims at evaluating the applications that are developed. These tests include heavy and thorough evaluation techniques which aim to detect and block every loophole that appears. These include Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalence partitioning as well as Cause-Effect Graphing.

  • What is big data testing?

Examining of datasets encompasses diverse tools, frameworks and techniques in order to process. And big data connects and relates to the creation of data, retrieval and analysis and storage which is outstanding in terms of variety, velocity as well as volume.

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